This past Sunday we sang “mighty to save” in our contemporary service. During practice when we sang the line “Lord of nations…” I got so choked up. I spent some time praying that God would heal these hurts for just enough time to be able to sing that line and then He could allow them to come back. Well, the sorrow was just to much and I was not able to sing the line without breaking down in tears.

In the midst of all that has happened in Haiti, I am honestly standing in shock and awe. In shock from the pictures I’m seeing on and all the news stations and in awe of the fact that 400+ people could come together in Austin last night and raise over $12,000 for Haiti. All from normal people who realize that there are simply more important things in the world than our needless desires. There are real needs. Needs that are the balance point for life and death.

This coming Thursday and Friday night there going to be a “Houston hope for Haiti” concert. Derek Webb is going to be playing at Taft Street Coffee and on Friday Aaron Ivey is going to be playing at another venue whose name escapes me. I’m going to try with everything to get out to see Derek Webb on Thursday and make some kind of monetary donation to help in some way in Haiti.

But I have realized that the biggest way I can help is to pray. As humans we will never be able to heal all the hurt going on in Haiti. But my God is a God of all comfort. He is a God of all peace. He is Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider. So I will continue to pray to that end. That God will heal, bring peace, comfort, and provisions to the hurting families, and individuals affected by the catostrophic disaster in Haiti.

Come quick Lord Jesus, come quick.