…the importance of hitting the pause button. Tonight at church we started what we are calling Sunday Night Celebration. On the last Sunday night of every month we are canceling all other Sunday Night Activities for this. We will come together as a church family to hit the pause button. To stop and to reflect.

Much of the time, church work is focused on the next thing. Well, work in general is usually always focused on the next thing. The next goal. The next event. But looking at the Old Testament, God often tells his people to stop and remember what He had done, the blessings He had given.

So tonight at church, we stopped. We stopped and looked back at the blessings of God throughout the month of January. We celebrated birthdays and thanked God for life. We celebrated anniversaries and thanked God for love. We celebrated salvations and new church members and we had a time of prayer for our children.

I needed tonight. Life is a little stressful for me right now and sometimes it seems like I’m moving at 1000 mph. I needed to stop and look back. I needed to say thanks. I needed to realize that even when I’m moving along and forgetting to look around, God is moving. He is doing something.