i am grateful for my pastor, zach nicholson. i have been youth pastor at my church for just over 5 years. i have enjoyed every moment of it. both the good, and the bad moments have molded me to the pastor that i am now. I have had the opportunity to be on staff during two defining moments in the life of a church.

i was able to be on staff during the retirement of a beloved pastor who had been on staff here for 18 years.

I was able to be on staff during the 2 year interim period where the search for a new pastor took place. (hopefully these were the two hardest years of ministry that i will have for a long time)

since bro. zach has been on staff, multiple times he has said something along these lines, “joel, i need you for about an hour later.” at first i admit, i was nervous. it was almost like getting called into the principals office. now, when i hear those words, i grab my moleskin and get ready to take notes. it is an exciting time, because i know that the time im sitting in that office, i will be questioned, and encouraged; molded, served, and affirmed.

i’m grateful for these times. it is these times that help me get back on track and help me focus again on the ministry i have here at the church.

zach told me this today in our meeting…”when i arrived, you carried yourself like you were defeated. lift up your head, we are not defeated.”

i needed that conversation today. it was good. i’m looking forward to our staff retreat the next couple of days.