over the past couple of weeks i have been doing a lot of looking at spiritual gifts.  we are going over the gifts with the students on sundays and we even had the students take a spiritual gift inventory this past sunday so that during the rest of the lessons they can have some point of reference for themselves.  I took one of these inventories and the results were very interesting.  looking at some of the gifts, it was obvious.  i knew i had these gifts.  but there were others, that i could see, looking back, God had been growing inside of me.  one of these was the gift of faith.

i know what you are saying, and i know that we all have to have faith for salvation, for we are “saved by grace, through faith”.  but people with the gift of faith just have the ability to know that God is going to provide a way and they are not swayed.  Looking back…this is what God is molding me in to, and trust me, it is awesome.

but, there are just some of those days were i have a hard time believing it.

Today is one of those days.

and when i feel like this, it messes up the whole day.  it’s all i think about.  i can’t get away from it.  i feel useless.  i feel like i let down my wife because i am not being strong for her.


there is a little glimpse into the mind of joel.  thats what im dealing with today.  i dont like it, but im learning.