i want you to know where im coming from. here is my story.

i was born into a family who attented church pretty often. it was an activity that i never really enjoyed, but i went so mom and dad would get off my back. i walked down the aisle in 2nd grade and said a prayer with the pastor and “accepted Jesus”. after that my life never changed. i still hated church and still lived my life in a way that contradicted Jesus for many years. in september of 1999 my story starts moving. i played handbells at my church on wednesday nights and then always left before youth group. “i have homework” was always my excuse. then there was this girl. i thought she was dang cute. so i agreed to come to church on one wednesday. it turned out that this wednesday that i agreed to attend youth group was an outreach where we wrestled in jello. thats right, we jello wrestled at at baptist church. this was huge in my eyes. it showed me that christianity can be fun. that following Jesus isn’t just about singing hymns and reading an old book.

so after this i started coming back every wednesday. now you must know that music has always been a huge part of my life. i’ve played percussion since 6th grade and up to this day music has always been of influence to me. all that to say that every wednesday throughout the music part of worship i would cry like a baby. being a guy i hated people seeing me cry. so i vowed to never come back. but every week i was back, crying. this went on through many of the coming months until God got ahold on me on february 27th, 2000. i had a few questions and i talked to my youth pastor and he led me to Jesus. that day i trusted Christ. i didn’t just say a prayer. on that day i gave up.

well, my story doesn’t stop there. the upcoming summer God drew a target on my chest and called me into His service. i knew that God was calling me to be a minister of some sort. i mentioned the target because on that day there was a target on my chest for satan. he knew that i was going to be serving the risen King so he wanted to stop that as soon as possible.

after high school graduation in 2001, i attended houston baptist university and majored in christianity and communications. it was at hbu that my walk with Christ really started to take form. where i really started to figure out why i believed what i say i believed.

so on feb. 27th of 2000 i trusted Christ for the eternal life that he promised and that he still promises today. this blog is somewhat of a way for me to work out my thoughts, and to share growth and downfall. prayers and praises. this is my journey.

would you care to join me in this journey.